It’s called the CENE (Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England), and it’s been a well-known hit for some years now. Over 90 trained, embedded mentors come in teams to support each client, about 10 to 15 per. It amounts to “very intense mentoring sessions.”

Opportunities NB recently signed a formal partnership with Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England (CENE), a Boston-based organization comprised of over 300 Canadian expatriates from multiple sectors. New Brunswick is the first Canadian province to form a strategic partnership of this kind. Access to this network of entrepreneurs and experts is intended to help New Brunswick entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses and may provide accelerated access to capital and investment in New Brunswick companies.

We’ve got partners here called the CENE, or Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England. They’re C-level business executives, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and academic leaders, the vast majority of whom are Canadians who have succeeded in this market and who want nothing more than to give back to Canada and help Canadian companies succeed. 

You need a different understanding to build a global market and operations need to be deployed globally. We thought we could help those companies here in Boston with the pool of mentors that we have created thanks to The CENE, again which is a group of expats here locally, and many of them actually wanted to be involved with companies a bit later stage because they have that experience.

“You’ve got to remember you’re not in it alone, and if you are in it alone, you will not succeed,” George Kenny, a Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England member, told the Pond-Deshpande students. “You need a team to get where you’re going.”

On a recent morning at the Cambridge Innovation Center, four mentors peppered Canadian entrepreneur Francis Davidson with questions about his company, Flatbook. 

It kind of helped us get out of this little bubble of Atlantic Canada and get into a big city with a thriving tech scene,” said Racki. “We got to meet a number of experienced mentors that we’re going to stay in touch with.”

To help advance that Technology Strategy, Wat will join Consul General Binns at a roundtable event with the Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England, a non-profit organization that mentors Canadian and B.C. technology companies and helps them secure funding and access to the U.S. market.

“It’s about connecting the Canadian IT and life sciences communities in Canada more effectively in the U.S.,” Mr. Legg says. “That’s about dollar capital — raising money — but probably more about human capital and ecosystems.”

CENE -- pronounced the same as "scene" -- is a non-for-profit group whose members help Canadian startups that need to make connections in the booming Boston market. Formed in conjunction with the Canadian Consulate in Boston, the group aims to mentor young companies and make the introductions that can help entrepreneurs make inroads in the U.S. market. 

"It's about Canadians who have gone abroad, found success and now want to give back," Thierry Weissenburger, one of the CENE founders, said at the official launch in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in June.

Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England, a Boston-based group dedicated to helping Canadian tech and biotech companies navigate the New England startup community, will be launched at the Atlantic Venture Forum in Halifax in June.

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